Extraction steam turbine


The extraction steam turbines of the company below 100mw power level are all impulse and non-reheat single-cylinder structures. The steam extraction of steam turbines is used in industrial production processes or heating, steam extraction pressure, steam extraction and power generation. It can be adjusted according to needs within a certain range, and the operation mode is flexible, which is especially suitable for enterprise self-supplied power stations or district heating power stations.The steam turbines designed and manufactured by the company in recent years, especially the steam turbines with a power level above 50mw, adopt advanced three-dimensional flow design technology. The steam turbine has reasonable structure and superior performance. The steam turbine control system adopts full hydraulic regulation system or electro-hydraulic regulation system. The steam turbine has a complete monitoring and protection system to ensure safe and reliable operation of the turbine.

For users with small heat load and low requirements on steam supply pressure, non-adjustable extraction steam turbines can be used.

The 12mw and 25mw series of steam turbines produced by our company are excellent and provincial products.