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Nanjing Turbine & Electric Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd. is located at the northern foot of the towering Purple Mountain and the beautiful south bank of the Yangtze River. It was formerly known as Nanjing Steam Turbine Motor Factory. It was founded in January 1956, changed to a wholly state-owned limited liability company in November 1995, and changed to a joint venture in Ninggang in October 2004. The company covers an area of 425000 square meters and has more than 2,000 employees on the job, of which professional and technical personnel account for 25%; the main production equipment is more than 1700 sets, equipped with large-scale CNC floor milling and boring machine, CNC sleeping car, CNC vertical lathe, CNC rotor milling machine and other fine and rare equipment 213 sets, it has also built large-scale test facilities such as gas turbine test bench, generator and large-scale motor test bench, turbine adjustment unit set test station, 100-ton and 50-ton high-speed dynamic balancing machine, three-coordinate measuring instrument, etc., and has strong large-scale precision processing and testing capabilities.


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attention: always pay attention to the needs of users and their changes, and the satisfaction of users' needs; fully pay attention to the development requirements of the society; timely pay attention to the information communication with the cooperative supporting manufacturers; actively pay attention to the rationality of employees' career planning; seriously pay attention to the satisfaction of shareholders with the return on investment. Timely: within 24 hours, the user service department will respond to the user information; within 5 working days after learning the news, the leadership team will conduct special research on important industry policies and regulations or major events and make deployments; the company uses websites, emails, News media and other forms are releasing relevant information to the public at the first time.

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Nanjing Steam Turbine Motor (Group) Co., Ltd.

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