1.5mw direct drive permanent magnet synchronous generator stator


The company's 1.5 MW direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous generator stator adopts a low-pressure vacuum pressure immersion paint (VPI) process with high electrical strength and mechanical strength.The stator is a multi-phase winding, the outer rotor is a permanent magnet structure, and the wind wheel is directly coupled to the generator.

Since the low speed operation reduces the friction loss and the permanent magnet excitation eliminates the slip ring loss, it has higher efficiency; the direct coupling between the wind wheel and the generator eliminates the speed increasing gear box, reduces noise and mechanical loss, and improves the unit's Efficiency and operational reliability also reduce the workload of the unit maintenance; the unit does not need to absorb reactive power from the grid to establish the magnetic field when operating, and it is beneficial to stabilize the grid by adjusting the generator active power, reactive power and power factor; It can change the speed of the wind wheel according to the wind speed, keep the Internet frequency unchanged, and improve the utilization rate of wind energy.

  Megawatt direct drive permanent magnet wind turbine


Product parameters:

rated power

Rated voltage

Number of poles

Rated current

Rated speed

Insulation class

range of rotation

Frequency Range

Operating temperature







9~19 r/min